January 27

Kindergarten Newsletter

January 27

~Surprise! Tucker Jackson decided to come early! Due to his lungs being slightly underdeveloped, the little guy is spending some time at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, but we don’t plan to be here long. I plan to be back in April.

~Midterms will be tested this week. Sight Words are the main thing students are missing, so please help study the key ring of words.

~The students will be making Valentine Bags at school. Your student may bring in Valentines as long as there is one for everyone. We have 17 students. You do not have to write names on them because they usually get put in the wrong bag anyways:).

~The students will be enjoying the star lab this week. Thanks to 4th and 2nd grade for presenting to us.

Language Arts

New Story: Ice Bear

New Letter/Sound: qu combination, long vowels

New Letter Writing: Oo

New Sight Words:was, said, what (please practice key ring)

New Concepts: Deleting Parts of Words, Beginning/Middle/Ending Sounds,Changing sounds to make new words, nonfiction texts


Number Words zero-ten: talking about teen numbers: counting on from a number: anchoring to 5 and 10 (ex. Like counting coins: count by 10s for dimes but have to continue on by 1s for pennies)

Science/Social Studies/Health

 Weather Patterns Unit: Our Community


*Every Thursday: Jeep Pride Day

February 4 Kindergarten Roundup @ DES

February 4 Midterm

February 6 Trip to Dubois Library

February 14-17 No School or Make-up Days