January 6

Kindergarten Newsletter

January 6

~We will not have school January 20. We have a county-wide teacher day at Jasper High School.

~Just to touch base, I am due February 7. Whenever I have the baby, I plan to take 10 weeks off and come back for the end of the year. I will still be planning lessons and sending out newsletters. 


Language Arts

New Story: The Snowy Day

New Letter/Sound: Vv, Jj

New Letter Writing: Dd

New Sight Words: are, that, do (please practice key ring)

New Concepts: Deleting Parts of Words, Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds, Blending Sounds Together, Making Inferences, -et word family



Numbers 11-20: adding and subtracting: Data Tracking and Graphing: number bonds (these show how to break up numbers into smaller numbers): color word-yellow


Science/Social Studies/Health

 Weather Patterns Unit: Our Community



*Every Thursday: Jeep Pride Day

January 9 Dubois Library Visit

January 20 No School! County Wide Inservice

February 4 Midterm

February 7 Mrs. Rohleder is due!