November 11

Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of November 11

~We will be walking to Happy Hour on Monday, November 25 to make our own pizzas and breadsticks. If any parent would like to join, please let me know. We will walk there around 12:50.

~The children were so good for the Veteran’s Day program.

~This coming week I will be testing students for the midterm. I will email their progress the following week.

~If you ever misplace this newsletter, you can find it on the corporation website under Celestine Elementary and search my name under staff.


Language Arts

New Story: Wemberly Worried

New Letter/Sound: Uu, Zz

New Letter Writing: Ss

New Sight Words: with, me, she (please practice key ring)

New Concepts: Deleting Parts of Words, Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds, Syllables, Blending Sounds Together, Pronouns, Making Connections with Characters


Numbers 11-20: Making 10: Part/Part/Whole Concept (beginning of word problems and breaking down numbers): color word-brown

Science/Social Studies/Health

Past and Present Unit: Force and Motion Unit



*Every Thursday: Jeep Pride Day

November 11 Happy Veteran’s Day!

November 19 Midterm

November 27-29 No School: Thanksgiving Break

December 3 Christmas Program @ DMS @ 6:30