September 23

Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of September 23

~We will not have school on October 2! Northeast Dubois School Corporation qualified for a professional development day. The teachers will be working, but the students will stay home and not have to make it up.

~I sent midterm reports last weekend via email. If you did not receive the midterm, please let me know. I can always send a paper copy if needed.

~Don’t forget to send in PTC forms and permission slips for Huber’s.


Language Arts

New Story: Otis

New Letter/Sound: Mm, Ii

New Letter Writing: Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii

New Sight Words: have, is (please practice key ring)

New Concepts: Making Connections, Counting the Number of Sounds in a Word, Beginning & Ending Sounds, Syllables, Blending Sounds Together, Nouns



Counting one-to-one (one number to one object): Comparing Groups of Objects (more/fewer): Numbers 6-10: color-brown: shape-sphere


Science/Social Studies/Health

Past and Present Unit: Our 5 Senses Experiment



*Every Thursday: Jeep Pride Day

October 9 Trip to Dubois Library

October 10 Trip to Huber’s Orchard

October 11 End of 1st Grading Period

October 15 & 17 Parent Teacher Conferences

October 21-25 Fall Break