September 2

Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of September 2

~Enjoy your Monday off!!

~I will be putting words that the students can read on the back of the newsletter. As we learn new sounds, I will add more every week.

~Every Thursday, we will have a “Jeep Pride” day. If your child wears “Jeep” clothing (anything with “Jeeps” on it), they can earn pride points for prizes.

~Kickoff for Paragon Fundraiser was on August 27. We are not doing many fundraisers for PTO, but we still need school supplies for next year at Dubois. If we have at least 50% participation from the class, we can earn a pajama party with cookies. Forms need to be turned in by September 10.

Language Arts

New Story: The Recess Queen

New Letter/Sound: Tt, Pp

New Letter Writing: Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu

New Concepts: Rhyming Words, Author and Illustrator Jobs, Making Inferences, Beginning Sounds, blending sounds together, nouns


Counting one-to-one (one number to one object): 3D Shapes (cone, cube, cylinder, sphere): Numbers 1-5: Positional Words: color-green: shape-rectangle, patterns

Science/Social Studies/Health

How to be a Good Citizen: Our 5 Senses



*Every Thursday: Jeep Pride Day

September 2 No School: Labor Day

September 5 Our 1st Dubois Library Visit: Children pick one book to keep at school.

September 11 Midterm

September 12 and 13 Grandparents’ Day: Don’t forget to turn in your paperwork.

September 14 & 15 PTO Bake Sale after Mass @ St. Isidore Parishes