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What is a Jeep?

Eugene the Jeep is a character in the Popeye comic strip. A mysterious animal with magical or supernatural abilities, the Jeep first appeared in the March 16, 1936, appearance of Popeye. He was also present in animated versions of Popeye's adventures, including three appearances in the late 1930s/early 1940s, with more extensive appearances in later Popeye cartoons produced for TV.

That’s the genesis of the Northeast Dubois Jeeps. In case you don’t have clear recollection of comic strips from the 1930s, the Jeep was the character who only said “Jeep, Jeep, Jeep."

That was enough to win over a group of Northeast Dubois basketball players in 1936 who were tasked with choosing the school’s mascot, and the Jeeps were born.