Social Worker

Last Updated: 1/16/2020 6:09 PM

Corporation Social Worker

Paige Mundy, BSW

812-678-2251  ext. 224

Available by email or phone

"I cannot teach the head when the heart is broken or

 the mind is troubled"

Parkway School District Teacher of the Year, St. Louis, MO


WHO am I?

My name is Paige Mundy. I want to tell you a little more about myself, so you can feel confident in the services being provided to your child at Northeast Dubois. I currently hold a Bachelors degree in Social Work with a Minor in Psychology. I will be graduating in April with my Masters in Social Work. I have attended numerous trainings throughout my work history in order to expand my knowledge base beyond what the classroom can provide. I began my social work career in 2008, working as the Family Advocate for Head Start through TRI-CAP in both Jasper and Petersburg. I then accepted a new position with TRI-CAP as the Adolescent Counselor for the Teen Wellness Program. This brought me into both Northeast Dubois and Forest Park to work with student at the Middle School and High School Level. When funding was lost for this program after 20 years of successful services, Northeast Dubois recognized that the need for someone in the school corporation was great. I was brought on 3 days a week at NED, working with students grades Pre-K-12. Currently, we are working on securing funding to expand my position to full time, as the need is there at so many levels.


WHAT are some of the specific

Services am I able to provide?

  • Counseling (group, individual and/or family) I currently run 2 divorce groups at the Elementary level during lunch of Fridays.  I am open to groups covering any topic, so just let me know what needs you would like me to address!
  • Mobilizing family, school, and community resources to enable the child to learn as effectively as possible in his or her educational program. I am always available to help link you or your child with the most appropriate services possible. There are so many resources out there, but they seem to be “hidden gems”, and hard for people to access.
  • Assisting in developing positive behavioral intervention strategies. I am able to work with parents, school staff, and COOP staff in order to help create the best possible list of intervention strategies tailored to meet your specific child’s needs.
  • Working with those problems in a child's living situation that affect the child’s adjustment in school. (home, school, and community) I run a group called FISH (Families In Separate Homes) to handle this particular issue, as well as meet with kids individually. Children struggle with change in the family dynamic, and being able to talk with peers who are going through something similar helps these children to know they are not alone and to gain appropriate coping skills.
  • Participating in special education assessment meetings as well as Individual Educational Planning Meetings as needed.


  • Providing crisis intervention on the spot.
  • Developing intervention strategies to increase academic success.
  • Assisting with conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Helping the child develop appropriate social interaction skills.
  • Assisting the child in understanding and accepting self and others.
  • In addition to these services, I also sponsor the Natural Helpers Program,
  • Peer Mentor Program as well as the Girl Talk program.

    SERVICES TO PARENT/FAMILIES:                                        
  • Working with parents to facilitate their support in their children's School adjustment.
  • Alleviating family stress to enable the child to function more effectively in school &community.
  • Assisting parents to access programs available to students with special needs.
  • Assisting parents in accessing and utilizing school and community resources.



  • Providing staff with essential information to better understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc.) affecting as student’s performance and behavior.
  • Assessing students with mental health concerns.
  • Assisting teachers with behavior management.
  • Providing direct support to staff.



  • Obtaining and coordinating community resources to meet students' needs.
  • Helping school districts receive adequate support from social and mental Health agencies.
  • Advocating for new and improved community/school service to meet the needs of students and families.
  • Helping the system respond effectively to each child's needs.